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In the Trees by DJMirnum
In the Trees
Introducing Gilda Goldstag, daughter of the Golden Hind.  She looks awesome and I hope we see more of her.

Monster High (c) Mattel
Haruki:  What is up everybody!  We are back with more Prop Hunt!  Now for those of you who are new to this I  am Roboto along with my team Ichy!

Ichigo:  I still hate that name.

Roboto:  And Richy!

Rihito:  Didya miss me?

Roboto:  And on the other team we have Jo!

Johji:  Hi!

Roboto:  Ry-Ry!

Ryuzo:  Yo!

Roboto:  And Taky!

Takeshi:  Can I please change it?

Roboto:  Ok Jo and his team are the props first.  And we are at some sort of house I think.

Jo:  I'm liking this map. Seems like there's lots of places to hide.

Ry-Ry:  Yeah, you should check out the garage!  There's a car that looks like Batman's car!  (Turns into a cone by the sand pile)

Taky:  Where?!  I wanna see it! (Up on the roof with tables and chairs) Wait, Jo is that you?

Jo:  Yeah.

Taky:  I've got an idea. I'm gonna be this. (Turns into a jar) And you be this as well, you get me?

Jo:  Yeah, I think so. (Turns into jar and sits next to Taky)

Taky:  No!  Go to the other side!  Even it out man!  (Tries to even things out but Jo follows him) Jo seriously man!

Jo:  What?  I'm just following your plan!

Ichy:  Ok, we're coming!

Taky:  Argh!  Dang it Jo!

Ichy:  Hey, Richy!  Come up to the roof!  I think I found some people!

Richy:  Oh really?  Well, I wonder who?

Taky:  Laying it on real thick arentcha  there?

Ichy and Richy find Jo and Taky on the roof next to each other.

Ichy: This certainly doesn't look right.

Taky:  Are you sure about that?  Heh heh.

Ichy: (gets on top of Jo) Let's see, how are we going to solve this?  Perhaps you could sing?

Richy: (carrying a radio) Here, I'll do you one better. Rap for us.

Ichy:  Ok Jo, you go first. We need a beat.

Taky:  I got it.

Taky starts to beat box.

Jo:  My name is Jo and I got the mad flow don't stop don't drop cause I'm on top.

Ichy:  Wow, I'm impressed.

Ry-Ry:  Yeah man, you got skills.

Jo:  Thank you, thank you.

Richy:  Alright Taky your turn.

Ichy starts to beat box.

Taky:  This here be dumb and I wish to stay that I am out!

Taky makes a run for it.

Richy:  Taky!  Get back here!

Jo makes a run for it as well.  Ichy begins to shoot him and then dies.

Jo:  Awwwww man!

Ichy:  Did you really think you could get away that easily?!

Roboto:  What is happening?!

Ry-Ry:  Taky are you still alive?!

Taky:  No, Richy cornered me.

Ry-Ry:  Well can you guys tell me how I look?

Taky: (spectating Ry-Ry) Yeah, you're good.

Jo:  (also spectating) You are definitely good.

Roboto:  How do I get off the roof without killing myself?

Ichy:  There's ladders everywhere man.

Richy:  Where are you, Ry-Ry?

Ichy:  Yeah, give us a clue.

Taky:  He's enjoying the sun.

Jo:  And having a wonderful time.

Roboto:  Is he outside?

Ry-Ry:  I block off roads.

Ichy:  I think I know what he is now.

Roboto:  Yeah I got it!

Haruki heads toward some barrels and cones sitting next to a pile of sand.  Ryuzo starts running around.

Ry-Ry:  GAH!  Wait!

Roboto:  What's the matter?!

The others started laughing as Haruki chased Ryuzo around as he changed from a cone to a barrel and back to a cone again before he died.

Ichy:  What happened there Ry-Ry?

Jo:  Yeah, you would have been alright if you had just kept your cool!

Ry-Ry:  Well, I just said I block off roads and you just went straight for the cones!

Roboto:  Alright, it's our turn to be props!

Richy:  Can I be this glass ceiling?  (Tries doesn't work) Ok, moving on.

Ichy:  Better hurry up. (turns into a blue industrial shelf)  No, not this!  (tries to move) Oh, crap I'm stuck!  Somebody get me a new prop!

Richy:  Where are you?  (Still outside on the roof and turned into a box)

Ichy: I'm inside!  Is anyone coming?!

Roboto:  I still don't know where you are at?

Ichy: I'm by the stairs!  Just hurry up!

Jo:  The Hunters are out!

Roboto:  Sorry Ichy but you're on your own!  (outside by tables and chairs. Turns into a bottle)

Ichy:  What the crap!

Richy:  Sorry dude, dems the brakes!

Ry-Ry:  Ichy, tell me where you be?

Ichy:  What kind of English is that?  I'm over by the stairs inside. You'll know it when you see it.

Jo:  (outside on the roof picking up the bottles) What are you Ichy?  (notices something moving) Wait, wait. (Heads to the other roof and sees a box moving) Hey I found a moving box!

Richy:  No!  Get away!

Jo:  It's ok Richy, let me ease your pain with my machine gun. (kills Richy) There we go!

Richy:  So not fair! (Spectating Ichy). Hahahaha!  What happened to you Ichy?!  Hahahahaha!

Ichy:  Shut up!  I wouldn't even be in this mess if it weren't for you or Robot Boy!

Roboto:  It's Roboto, and hey don't blame me for getting yourself stuck.  (Tries to move but falls off and dies) OH NO!

Richy:  What?!  What happened?!

Ry-Ry:  Did you just kill yourself?

Roboto:  Yeah, I was trying to get down. (Spectating Ichy) Hahahaha!  That's where you are. Hahahaha!

Ichy:  I can't believe this!  I'm sticking out like a sore thumb and nobody's seen me!

Taky:  We don't know where you are!

Ichy:  I'm by the stairs inside!  With other shelves.

Taky:  I still don't know what or where you are referring to.

Ry-Ry:  Wait, I think I found him. Ok, Ichy, um, if you're here wiggle.

Everyone started laughing as Ichy the shelf moved.

Ichy:  Just kill me already.

Ry-Ry:  Ok.

Ryuzo used a grenade and blew everything up.

Roboto:  Hahahaha!  That's a bit excessive don't you think?

Ry-Ry:  Well, you know I like to go out with a bang.

The next round, Jo is running around in the basement and turns into a light fixture.  Then noticed a hunter right next to him.

Jo:  Oh no, oh no!

Ichy:  Hey Jo!

Jo:  I didn't expect to see you there!

Taky:  (trash can) Jo, did you screw up?!

Ry-Ry:  (jar outside) Jo, you ok?!

Ichy is standing by the ladder. Jo turned into a big box and is hiding behind another box.

Ichy:  Richy, we got an issue in the basement.

Richy: (outside) Which way to the basement?

Jo: No we don't. No we don't.

Ichy: (rushing toward Jo) Is this how we're gonna do it?!

Jo:  (still holding the box being chased by Ichy). Ha!  No!  Get away!

Jo makes a break for the ladder and goes up.

Ichy:  Ok, let's go find Richy together!

Jo:  No, no!  Don't think so!

Jo gets next to some other boxes. Ichy runs right by him.

Ichy:  Jo?!  Where, where did he go?!

Jo: (takes off) Bye!

Jo managed to escape outside and hides behind a car.

Ichy:  Jo!  Did you get away?

Jo:  I did!  Where are you?  Hahahaha!

Ry-Ry:  I can't believe it!  Hahahaha!

Ichy:  Oh No!

Jo:  You lost a giant box!

Roboto:  Oh, Ichy.  (Notices a jar moving)  I see you!

Ry-Ry:  Ah!  No!  (Gets killed)  Awww man!

Ichy:  Roboto, where are you?

Roboto:  I'm outside, I just killed Ry-Ry.

Ry-Ry: (spectating Jo)  Oh my gosh Jo. I can't believe you managed to get away!  Ichy!  How could you lose a giant box?!

Ichy:  I made a mistake!  Where are you Jo?!

Jo:  I'm gonna get so many replays on that!  Hey, Roboto!  Put a 10 hour version of me giving Ichy the slip!

Ichy:  Roboto!  Don't you dare do that!!

Taky:  I have yet to see anybody.

Ichy:  Roboto!  Do you see him?!

Roboto:  No, I'm looking.

Jo:  Hey, no fair!

Ichy:  Save him for me!  He's mine!

Jo:  I thought we agreed to keep our relationship a secret Ichy?

Ry-Ry:  Hahahahahaha!

Ichy:  Oh shut up!

Roboto:  Wait; Ichy!  I see him!  He's outside!  Behind the cars!

Ichy:  Ok!  I'm on my way!

Jo:  Hey!

Richy: (sing-song voice) Oh Taky!  Where are you hiding?!

Taky:  What was that voice?!

Jo:  Ichy!  Let's talk about this!

Ichy:  I'm done talking!  Die!!!!

Jo makes a run for it.

Ichy:  Stop running from your fate!  (kills Jo)  Yes!

Roboto:  You do realize you are never gonna live this down!  Hahahahahaha!

Ichy:  I know!  Ugh!  I can see the comments already!

Taky:  Did you guys forget about me?

Richy:  I didn't!

Jo: (spectating Taky) Taky!  You don't even look normal!

Taky:  (trash can that's pointing the opposite direction as the others)  I tried.

Richy:  Yeah, just not hard enough. (kills Taky)

Taky:  Ah well.

Next round, Roboto hides in the kitchen, while Richy turns into a barrel outside and Ichy hides in a bedroom.

Ry-Ry:  (in the kitchen) Looks like someone had been in the kitchen.

The kitchen looks a mess.

Roboto:  How do you know that?

Ry-Ry:  Well, let's try this!  (fires a grenade but ends up killing both him and Roboto)  Uh oh!

Roboto:  You idiot!  Why did you do that?!

Ry-Ry:  At least I took you with me!

Taky: (in the living room under the sky light)  Hey Jo!  Why don't you come down here?

Jo:  Ok, how?

Taky:  I'm gonna shoot the glass. (Shoots the glass but ends up dying)  What?!

Roboto and Ry-Ry start laughing.

Ry-Ry:  Thanks Taky!  Now I feel better about my previous decision.

Everybody started laughing till Jo noticed a moving barrel.

Jo:  I see you over there!  (starts shooting Richy)

Richy:  No!  Get away from me! (dies) Aaaaah!  Not fair!

Jo:  Haha!  It's just you and me Ichy!  Where are you?

Ichy:  I'm, uh, makin' the bed rock. If you know what I mean.

The others, spectating Jo, laughed.

Ry-Ry:  What?

Taky:  I don't like the sound of that.

Jo goes into one of the bedrooms and starts to laugh.

Ichy:  Wait!  Let me make the bed rock for ya!

Ichy begins to shake the bed as everyone else is laughing.

Jo:  For once you weren't lying. But I'm gonna kill you anyway. (he shoots the bed but then dies. Ichy comes hopping out from under the bed as a pot)  You were under it?!

The others went nuts.

Ry-Ry:  You moron!

Roboto:  That was amazing!

Jo: I am such an idiot!

Richy:  OMG!!!  That was brilliant!!!

Ichy:  AWWWWW YEAH!!!!  Hahahahahaha!

Jo:  I wasn't trying to make you feel better I'm just that dumb!

Ichy:  Oh so you admit it?!

Taky:  Now who's gettin' all the replays.

Jo:  Noooooooooo!

Roboto:  Well, on that note we'd better end it there!  Thanks to everyone who came to watch and we will see you next time!  Say bye everybody!

Ry-Ry: See ya!

Taky: Later!

Richy:  Good-bye!

Jo:  bye.

Ichy: I'm the king baby!
Dreamy Days in West Tokyo Play Prop Hunt 2
Hey hey hey!  The Dreamy Days guys are back for more shenanigans. I've based this on a couple of let's play videos from YouTube.


Dreamy Days in West Tokyo (c) Voltage, Inc.
"I'm running up the stairs. Why am I running?  I don't remember there being so many. I made it to the top. This looks like the old tower. Why is Mother Gothel here?  Why is Eugene on the ground?  Is that...blood?!  She stabbed him?!  I have to heal him!  Wait!  My hair!  It's cut!  Ugh!  What?  This hurts!  I look down and...there's a knife in my stomach!  I'm stumbling back; now I feel light. Am I falling?  I am falling!  Someone help!  Eugene!  EUGENE!!!"

Rapunzel awoke with a start, dripping in a cold sweat. She sat up and looked around frantically, making sure she wasn't where she thought she was. She was in her bed chamber at her castle, her home; her real home.  She saw Pascal sleeping on a pillow to her left. To her right; well, she was scared to look but she had to be sure he was there. He was; her husband was right next to her. A wave a relief washed over her and she began to sob quietly. She didn't want to wake him up but soon, she felt two strong arms surround her and pull her in close and tight.
"You had another one, didn't you," he said softly.
She nodded and leaned into him more.
"Do you ever have them," she asked.
"Yeah.  After I got sent to the orphanage. Had one every night."
"Do they ever stop?"
He paused; choosing his words carefully.
"With time."
"Do you still have them?"
"Not anymore."
He turned her towards him. Her face had a look of fear, as if she felt this would all disappear and she would wake up back in her tower again.  He smiled gently at her and touched her face, letting her know that he was real.
"Because I have you and a new family."
More tears came streaming down Rapunzel's face.  Eugene led her back down and continued to hold her.  There was only one thing he knew that would help her sleep.  He began to sing quietly.
"Flower gleam and glow. Let your power shine. Make the night reverse. Bring back what once was hers. Heal what has been hurt. Change the dreams tonight. Save what had been lost. Bring back what once was hers. What once was hers."
And then, Rapunzel fell back to sleep.
A Nightmare
Was inspired by this picture… by :icontrustahope:

Yeah I know it's short but something's don't need to be that long.

Tangled (c) Disney
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What's up everybody, been a while since I've talked to ya'll. Life's just been very crazy what with work and taking care of my husband; the creative process has been all over the place. My ADD has my mind going in every direction and not being able to follow through with it. You all know what that's like right?

Well, to help with that I am going to spend a good amount of time writing. Getting caught up with unfinished stories and work on new ones.  Once that gets done I've got some photos to take and share.

I will do my best to keep you updated and see you on the other side.
  • Mood: Distracted
  • Watching: Master Chef
What's up everybody, been a while since I've talked to ya'll. Life's just been very crazy what with work and taking care of my husband; the creative process has been all over the place. My ADD has my mind going in every direction and not being able to follow through with it. You all know what that's like right?

Well, to help with that I am going to spend a good amount of time writing. Getting caught up with unfinished stories and work on new ones.  Once that gets done I've got some photos to take and share.

I will do my best to keep you updated and see you on the other side.


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If there is one thing you need to know about me is that I'm atypical. I'm not like most girls; my hobbies are not considered normal for someone my age. I say, normal is relative. I do what I do cause it's fun, I meet interesting people who share some of the same ideas and interests and who knows, maybe inspire someone else to do things they never thought they could do.

Anyway, enjoy my page and I look forward to seeing your work here on dA.

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