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It's early evening in Magnolia; a carnival is well under way with food stalls, games and rides as well as vendors to sell their wares.  You pass by one such vendor; various rugs line the floor with a simple table inside a tent.  A crystal ball and candles off to the side of the table and only two chairs. You peer into the tent to see if anyone is around. Then, a dark brown haired woman saunters in from the shadows.  She wears a simple turquoise bikini top with khaki cargo pants and brown sandals. Various beaded necklaces and bracelets make up her accessories.  She smirks at your surprised face.
"Welcome, my dear friend. First time here?  Care to see what future the cards will tell?"
The woman pulls out a deck of cards from nowhere and proceeds to shuffle them as she makes her way to her table.  "Please, take a seat. It will only be a few minuets."  You ask her for her name.  "My name?  Why, I am Cana Alberona.  As for your name, no need; I already know."  You appear skeptic. "I sense your hesitation. Perhaps a demonstration is in order. Sit down please and watch."  You both take a seat as Cana shuffles the cards.  "See that young blonde over there?  That's my friend Lucy, and according to the first card; oooooh, the wheel of fortune card.  Looks like she's about to get lucky."  What happened next was Lucy winning a game.  Then, a pink haired guy walked up to her.  "Oh, let's try Natsu."  Cana shuffles the cards again and pulled a new card.  "Well, it seems to be the tower card."  You look to see Lucy hug Natsu tightly.  The surprise and blush on his face evident.  "Let's pull another card for Natsu," said Cana pulling another card. "Ah, the lovers card. Guess dragon boy might be becoming lover boy soon.  So, are you convinced yet?  Would you like to know your future?"  Cana shuffles the deck again and picks three cards.  "These cards will tell of your future. What you do with this information is up to you.  Once I flip them, there's no going back."
Cana takes your three cards and flips them to reveal...
In the Cards
Solo event for :iconfairy-tail-fc: Fairy Fest. This week it's Tarot theme.

I am part of team Shadow Dragon
Freed barely survived Mirajane's last attack. It even managed to force him out of his demon form.  He saw her approach him for one last hit.
"This is it.  I'm finished. I was foolish to think I could take her on; even if I was at full strength. I shall wait for the final strike," he said to himself.
It never came.
"Wait, how am I still alive?  What?  She didn't follow through? Why," he thought to himself. "Why didn't you finish me off?"
"This fight is meaningless. We shouldn't have to be doing this in the first place.  We're Fairy Tail, we're family. That means we look out for each other," Mira said after she changed from her demon form.
"Lies!  Where were you when I needed it most?!  Laxus and the Thunder Legion were the only ones!  What kind of family ignores those who were hurting?!"
"I'm sorry you felt that way. If anyone of us knew we would have been happy to help."
"Spare me!  Laxus is my one try ally!"
"It's alright to have a few people that are really close to you. But you also have a group of people who would have your back; all because you're in Fairy Tail.  You just have to reach out and someone will be there."
She took his hand and squeezed it. He knew. Somewhere deep down he knew she was right.  
Then tears burst forth from his eyes.
"I never wanted to carry out Laxus' plan, but I owed the man so much."  He never expected Mira to treat him so kindly after everything he'd done. "I don't deserve it. It's true; I missed the guild. I missed the people who made Fairy Tail what it is. What every guild should strive to be. A family. Now I know, I'm never alone."
Never Alone
My solo entry for :iconfairy-tail-fc: event 3 Find the Scene

I am on Team Shadow Dragon.

this is my interpretation of the scene that this quote was based on: "It's when people realize how lonely it is to be on their own...That they become much kinder people."

Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima
Movie Night by DJMirnum
Movie Night
I'd like to think that Raven would like action movies more than romance, given her review of "Spelless in Seattle".  Dexter loves the romance though but I know he'd go along with whatever Raven would want.

i like both movies but I'd take Avengers

Ever After High (c) Mattel

P.S.  Go see Avengers 2; it's awesome!  :D
Sakiko from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder:  I don't like the looks of this.

Oliver from Be My Princess 2:  Why?!  Why?!

Yuta from My Forged Wedding:  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Hana from Finally in Love Again:  Why are you making me do this?!  I told you that I was DONE with this game!

Hiyori from Star Crossed Myth:  This looks terrifying!  Why is it twitching?!

Kyohei from Scandal in the Spotlight:  What is this?  This looks dumb.

Ichigo from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo:  My gawd, are you serious with this?!

Tatsuro from Love Letter from Thief X:  No!  Gawd please no!  NO!  NO!  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

May from Be My Princess 2:  Please don't make me do this!  I am begging you please!

Midori from My Sweet Bodyguard:  I am not good with this kind of stuff!  I get scared so easily!

Director:  This time, we're not going to tell you anything. You are on your own.

Tatsuro:  Oh, well that's comforting!

Kyohei:  I don't need help.

Director:  You may play until you feel like you can't play anymore.

Hana:  Oh good, I don't wanna play!

Oliver:  Can I just quit now?

"Coming Soon"

Ichigo:  Well, they just straight up called it what it is, a horror attraction.

Midori:  I hated going to things like this at Halloween.

Sakiko:  This a horrible idea.

"Night 1 12 AM"

Yuta:  That's an interesting sound.

Hiyori:  What was that noise?


Kyohei:  This looks very decrepit.

Oliver:  No doors here either; great!  *sees Freddy empty suit* Oh crap!  What is that?!

"Phone rings"

Ichigo:  Wait, is that the Phone Guy?

Hana:  Is he still alive?  I thought he was dead?  From what I've read on this game he died.

Tatsuro:  He'll be as helpful as he has been before; which is none.

Phone Dude:  Hey-hey!  Glad you came back for another night!

Yuta:  Whoa!  Dude!  Surf's up! -__-

Phone Dude:  I promise it'll be a lot more interesting this time.

Hiyori:  What do you mean by that?

Kyohei:  I'm already annoyed by him.

*By this point, everyone is listening to the Phone Dude*

Phone Dude:  We found some-some great new relics over the weekend. And we're out tracking a new lead, right now.  So-uh lemme just update real quick, then you can get to work.  Like, the attraction opens in like a week...

Oliver:  How convenient for me.

Phone Dude:  So we had to make sure everything works, and nothing catches on fire!

Tatsuro:  That's what we should do, burn this place down.

Hana:  Yes, burn this sucker down!

Phone Dude:  Uh-when the place opens, people will come in at the opposite end of the building, and work their way towards you, then past you and out the exit.  Uh-yeah.  You've officially become part of the attraction.

Sakiko:  Oh great!  -___-

Phone Dude:  Uh-you'll be staring as...

Ichigo:  Balloon Boy?

Phone Dude:  The security guard!

Ichigo:  Dang it!  I was hoping to be Balloon Boy.

Phone Dude:  So not only will you be monitoring the people on cameras as they pass through, y'know, to make sure no one steals anything or makes out in the corner...

Midori:  I would not want to make out here!  This place is too gross!

Phone Dude:  But you'll be part of the show.  It'll make it feel really authentic I think.  Uh...let me tell you about what's new.  We found another set of drawings, always nice, and a Foxy head!

Yuta:  AAAAH!  I hate that thing!

Phone Dude:  Which we think to be authentic...then again it might just be another crappy cosplay...

Hiyori:  Hahaha!

Phone Dude:  And we found a desk fan, very old school...

Tatsuro:  Ah, the fan. That one consistent item.

Phone Dude:  Metal, though, so watch the fingers.

Kyohei:  You better watch your fingers if you don't shut up.

Phone Dude:  Uh-heh...uh...right now the place is basically just, you know, flashing lights, spooky props.  Uh, I honestly thought we would have more by now...

Sakiko:  Dude I think this is plenty!

Phone Dude:  Uh, we don't have something really cool by next week, we may have to suit you up in a furry suit, and make you walk around saying, "Boo"...

Yuta:  I can do that!  Forget the animatronic, let's just do that!

Phone Dude:  *hehe* Uh...but, you know, like I said, we're trying to track down a good lead right now.  Uh, some guy who helped design one of the buildings says there was, like, an extra room that got boarded up or, something like that.

Tatsuro:  There was an extra room?  How did I not know about that?!

Phone Dude:  So, we're gonna take a peek and see what we can find.

Oliver:  It's Freddy locked in there, I bet.

Phone Dude:  Uh, for now just get comfortable with the new setup, can check the security cameras over to your right with a click of that blue button.

*Everyone does so and sees the poor video quality*

Hiyori:  Oh this is going to hurt my eyes.

Midori:  How can anyone see what's on this screen?

Phone Dude:  Uh, you can toggle between the hall cams and the vent cams...

Ichigo:  I have vent cams?!  Holy crap this is too much to deal with!

Kyhoei:  So I have to watch vents now, fantastic.

Phone Dude:  Uh, then over to your left, uh, you can flip up your maintenance panel.

Sakiko:  What?  How am I supposed to keep up with all this?

Phone Dude:  Y'know, use this to reboot any systems that may go offline.  Heh.

Yuta:  Oh great, as if I didn't have enough problems.

Phone Dude:  So, in trying to make the place feel vintage we may have overdone it a bit, hehe...

May:  A tad and a bit!  -___-

Phone Dude:  Some of this equipment is barely functional. Yeah, I wasn't joking about the fire.  Tha-tha-that's a real risk.

May:  Let it!  Save me the trouble!

Phone Dude:  Uh, the most important thing you want to watch for is the ventilation. Look, this place will give you the spooks, man...

Yuta:  I already have the spooks!

Phone Guy:  And if you let that ventilation go offline, then you'll start seeing some crazy stuff, man.  Keep that air flow in'.

Kyohei:  Like what?  It can't be any worse that what I'm seeing now.

Phone Dude:  Okay, keep an eye on things, and we'll try to have something new for ya tomorrow night.

Oliver:  *sees the time*  What?!  It's already 4 AM?!

Tatsuro:  Wow, that guy talked forever.

May:  So, is every night going to be like this?

Hana:  Wow, this has to be the easiest night ever.

6 AM

Midori:  Yay!  I did it!

Ichigo:  Way too easy.

Sakiko:  Still not sure what to expect.


Hiyori:  What?

Oliver:  Am I controlling Freddy?  *makes Freddy move*  Interesting.

"Follow Me"

Yuta:  Not sure if I should follow you.

Tatsuro:  I don't recall ever seeing a purple Freddy.

Hana:  Where are we going?  Oh, is that one of the blocked off rooms?  *ERR message*  What?  Is that an error message?

Kyohei:  Why can't I go up there?  You said to follow you.  Ok, I'm out of here. *gets attacked by Purple Guy* What the...?!

*Purple Guy*

Sakiko:  What the heck just happened?!

Ichigo:  I just got destroyed.

Night 2 12 AM

May:  Ok, night 2. I hope I can make it.

Sakiko: Please let this night be easy like the last one.

Phone rings.

Phone Dude:  Hey man - okay, I have some awesome news for you!

Ichigo:  You're being shutdown?

Phone Dude:  First of all, we found some vintage audio training cassettes!  Dude, these are, like, prehistoric!

Yuta:  My mom still keeps tapes.

Phone Dude:  I think they were, like, training tapes for like, other employees or something like that.  So I thought we could, like, have them playing, like, over the speakers as people walk through the attraction.  Dude, that makes this feel legit, man.

Oliver:  Legit, bro.

Phone Dude:  But I have an even better surprise for you, and you're not gonna believe this...

Midori:  What?  What is it?

Phone Dude:  We found one.

Tatsuro:  Oh gawd.

Phone Dude:  A REAL one.

Tatsuro:  NO!

Phone Dude:  Uh-oh-uh gotta go man- uh, well-well look, i-it's in there somewhere, I'm sure you'll see it.

Hana:  *opens cameras* I don't!

Phone Dude:  Okay, I'll leave you with some of this great audio that I found!  Talk to you later, man!

*Everyone has decided to mute the calls from here on out*

May:  So what happened to him?  He sounded a little panicked.

Midori:  Where is it?  I don't see it.

Yuta:  Not being able to see it is not helping with my nerves.

Tatsuro:  What's this audio thing?  What is it for?  *tries it. Hears Balloon Boy's "Hello"* I really don't want to deal with that kid.

Kyohei:  *plays audio cue. Hears Balloon Boy's giggle* What is this for?

*Ventilation Error on screen*

Sakiko:  Something's on my screen. There's an error?

Hana:  Oh, my ventilation went out!

Oliver:  Gotta reboot my ventilation otherwise I'll start hallucinating.

*Everyone reboots ventilation. Opens cameras back up with screen showing Cam10*

Yuta:  *GASP* WHAT IS THAT?!?!?



*Balloon Boy jumpscare*


Kyohei:  GAAAAAH!!!!  What the heck was that?!

Oliver:  NYAAAAAAHA!!!!  *realizes he's alive* WHAT?!  How?  How am I alive?!

Tatsuro:  How can I be still alive after that?!  And my ventilation went out again!

Ichigo:  Ok, focus man!  I need to get the vents back online!  *maintenance panel goes down. Sees Springtrap jump in* WHAT THE HECK?!  What was that?!  How could I have died already?! I'm trying this again.

Hiyori:  *Sees Mangle and hears distorted sound* AAAAH!  What's that sound?!  I have an audio error?!  What?!

Hana: *sees Mangle* Oh not you!  Not you again!  I gotta fix my audio!  *sees something in the window*  *GASP* I saw that!  There was something there!  You can't tell me there wasn't!

Yuta:  I figured it out. The audio is used to lure it away from me. So, as long as I keep it around where 10 and 9 are, I'm good!

Ichigo:  I've managed to catch up. Stupid Balloon Boy got me again but at least that thing wasn't there.

Midori:  *plays audio cue. Screen flickers, animatronic is right in the corner* AH!  I see you!

May:  *sees Balloon Boy* Oh no!  Not this again!  *jumpscare* AAAAAAAHHHHHH!  Why?!  I can't take this!  *gets ventilation back on*. Noise from the vents*  What was that?  Is there something in the vents?  *checks vent cams. Finds it in 14*  What are you doing in there?!  How do I stop it?!  Oh, I can seal it?  Seal it!  Seal it!  Ok, it's sealed!  *puts down camera to see animatronic by her door*  NOOOOOO!!!  I sealed you off!!  How do I keep you from coming in?!  *pans to the right and then back. Jumpscare.* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Oh my gawd!  I refuse to continue!  I am done!

Kyohei:  I've had a few close calls but that audio is helping, I think. That other thing that popped up before happened again. It looks like I can make it.

6 AM

Yuta:  Yes!  Thank you!

Hiyori:  I can't believe I survived that!


Sakiko:  Oh I'm the bunny now?

Tatsuro:  Oh, this again?!

"Follow me"

Midori:  I don't want to follow you!  You killed me last time!

Ichigo:  That stupid purple man is gonna get me...*attacked by purple guy* yeah he did.  Well, screw you.

Night 3 12 AM

Hana:  Night 3 holy cow, I've never gotten this far before!

Oliver:  I don't know how much longer I can last.

Tatsuro:  Ok muting the call.  Play audio in 9 and keep it from coming any closer.

Midori:  Its so hard to see sometimes.  *finds Mangle*  AAAAAAHHHH!!!  What was that?!  What's happening?!  *checks maintenance panel* Oh, audio error!  Need to fix that!

Kyohei:  *sees Chica* What?  What is that?  *changes to see Balloon Boy* Oh crap no!  *gets both Balloon Boy and Chica*  WHAT THE CRAP?!?!?!?!  Two at once!  That's not cool!  You jerks!

Yuta:  *sees Freddy walking by* OH NO!  NONONONONONONO!  What am I supposed to do about that?!  *jump scared by Freddy* AAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHAAAAA!!!!! *opens maintenance panel* Gawd, you took out almost everything!

Sakiko:  Oh gosh!  I just saw something out of the corner of my eye!  *sees Freddy walking* Oh! What is that?!  Is it gonna kill me?  *checks cameras*  Maybe if I don't look he won't get me.

Hiyori:  *sees Springtrap in her window* OH MY GOSH!  Why are you there?!  Please just go away!  *opens camera panels to play audio. Sees something running past the window* Oh!  Something just ran by!  Was it him?!  Will he leave me alone?!  *barely sees it by the door before it disappears* Oh! He's there!  He's there! *whimpering*

Oliver:  Whoa!  Is that Foxy?  I can't see...*jump scared by Foxy*  WHAT THE HECK?!  *Springtrap comes in* No!  You jerk!  I was doing so good!!!!  I don't care!  I'm done!  *thinks for a minute*. Ok, one more try.

Kyohei:  Oh man, it's in the vent!  Which one?  Seal them all!  Ah, I can only seal one at a time?! Ok, he's in Cam14!  Seal it!  *jump scare by Springtrap* What?!  No!  I sealed it off!  How did you get past it?!  That's it, I'm out.

Hiyori:  *sees something run by* *whimpering* Oooooooh noooooo!  Please don't!  Please!  *jump scared by Springtrap* AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I don't wanna play anymore!

Ichigo:  I am going to make it through this night!  And my camera just went out!  And now the ventilation how wonderful!  *reboots all* Why does this have to take so long?  *sees Springtrap by the door*  Oh No!  You get back to room 10 where you belong!  You are not allowed in here!  *long pause* Just go, ok!  Oh crap, I'm blacking out!  *Springtrap jumps in*  You piece of crap! I hate you!  I don't wanna do this again.

Tatsuro:  I think I can make it!  It's five AM and I'm gonna stay put for a minuet and see what happens.  *long pause* Come on 6; please roll over!

Yuta:  *sees Springtrap in his window* Oh come on!  What are you doing there?!  It's five AM, can't you just let me have this?!  I will love you forever and ever if you could just...*6 AM* YES!!!!!  Forget what I said before, I lied!  I hate you with every fiber of my being!

"6 AM"

Hana:  OMG!  I've never gotten this far!

Tatsuro:  How many of us are left?

Director:  There are five.

Midori:  Oh man, I feel like I'm in an elite group.


Yuta:  I'm Chica now.

Midori:  I'm the chicken.

Tatsuro:  What about Foxy?  Isn't he a part of this?

Hana:  *sigh* I don't wanna follow you!  *gets attacked by purple guy* You suck.

Night 4 12 AM

Oliver:  Night 4!  Whoohoo!

Hana:  I hope I can do this!

Yuta:  Mute that call!  Preemptive sealing of a vent and audio played in five!

Tatsuro:  I see you in 9 you stupid hunk of junk!

Midori:  Ok, let's get this done!  *checks her cameras* Where is it?  It's gotta be here somewhere?  *sees something run by* GASP!  What was that?!  Something just ran past me!  Ah, play audio now!  *jump scare* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Ok!  I quit!  I'm so over this!

Hana:  *Balloon Boy jumpscare* AAAAAHHH!!!!  I hate that kid!  *fixes vent error; checks cameras, gets Chica jumpscare* AAAAHHH!!!  What?!  Was that Chica?!  That's not cool!!  *fixes errors; gets Springtrap jumpscare* AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!  Screw this game!  I hope the developer dies a horrible death for making this game!

Tatsuro:  *flipping through cameras, plays audio in 9. Fixes vent error.  Jumps to 8, sees Puppet* WHAT IS THAT?!  Is that the Puppet?!  *camera drops and puppet is in his face* GET OFF MY SCREEN!!!!  I need to do an audio check!  And stop it with that noise!  *caught by Springtrap*  AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!  I hate this game so much!

Oliver: *hears something in the vent*  What?!  No, not the vent!  Which one?!  WHICH ONE?! *finds it in vent cam 15* Oh crap!  Seal it, seal it, seal it!  *camera panel goes down, gets caught by Springtrap* For cryin' out loud!!!!!!  This game is stupid!!!!!

Yuta:  I am having such a hard time finding it!  I just can't see it!  These camera feeds are horrible!  *finds Balloon Boy* What?!  No!  *Balloon Boy jumpscare*  Gah!  I think I saw him behind Balloon Boy.  Maybe I can catch him in 5. *pans to the left, get caught* AAAAAAAHHHH!!!  I will never play this game again!!!!
Voltage Stars Play: Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Finally got this one done!  This ones a bit longer but it's done!

FNaF is so far completed, unless Mr. Scott Cawthon decides continue it. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Please check out parts 1 and 2

All characters belong to Voltage, Inc
  • Mood: Angsty
Is there such a thing as "creative ADD"?  There should be, cause I feel like I've been suffering from it for a long time.  What is creative ADD?  It's a condition where you begin a project or develop the desire for a project but at some point other projects pop into your head that you feel you have to finish them at the expense of other projects.

For example, I have stories that I have written; some require multiple parts in order to tell the story I want to tell. But after a certain point, I can't write said particular story but other stories have popped into my head but they don't require as many parts to write so I am able to finish those faster.

Now you may say to yourself, isn't that like writers block and procrastination?  Yes and no. Yes, you have writers block but you can still write. It just ends up being a different story that's shorter than the main one you started on. Yes, you are putting off writing the main one but you still find time to write the other stories that come to mind.

That doesn't mean you will stop; you eventually can finish.  It just takes a little longer than you would like to.

It's definitely frustrating for me because I want to finish my main story or stories but, I feel that if I don't follow through with the other idea(s) I'll forget it and not do it at all.  I'm not sure what causes it really. But I guess lack of motivation has a lot to do with it.

Now before someone starts to offer some form of constructive criticism, I would advise against that because I'm not looking for it nor do I wish to receive it at this point. I merely just wanted to lament and vent and get it off my chest. I'm not looking for a solution because I already know what that is.  I have to force myself to finish what I've started so I can feel like I have accomplished something and be able to move onto the next one.

Ok, I think I'm done here. Later days.


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If there is one thing you need to know about me is that I'm atypical. I'm not like most girls; my hobbies are not considered normal for someone my age. I say, normal is relative. I do what I do cause it's fun, I meet interesting people who share some of the same ideas and interests and who knows, maybe inspire someone else to do things they never thought they could do.

Anyway, enjoy my page and I look forward to seeing your work here on dA.

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