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Later that evening, the creature that escaped the military train darted back and forth down alleys and streets to avoid being seen.  It didn't plan to stick around forever; it had to keep moving or it would get captured.  It looked for a long time to find another suitable form of transportation.  When it ran out into the street, it didn't notice a huge truck coming toward it. At the last second, someone grabbed it before it got hit. He looked down at whatever animal he thought it was.
"Hey, what are you anyway?  Some type of dog?"
The creature passed out, probably from shock. The Good Samaritan quickly took the "dog" to the nearest animal hospital.
The next morning, the creature woke up to find itself in a kennel. It growled as it paced the enclosure. Another cage was the last place it wanted to be. Then, it heard voices coming from the next room.
"Hello," said Winry.
"Hi there, Winry!  What brings you and Elicia here today," exclaimed the clerk.
Winry had taken Elicia to Risembool's animal shelter to pick out a new friend.
"Well, we were thinking about a dog. Something that can defend itself; something sturdy."
"Like a lobster," yelled Elicia.
Winry rolled her eyes. "Elicia, do we have a lobster door?  No, we have a dog door. Therefore, we're getting a dog."
Unbeknownst to them, the creature managed to sneak out and tried to make a run for it. However, it sensed that something was wrong.  Then, one, two, three bullets wiped by it and it ducked behind a rock.  It then picked up some scents. A few it didn't recognize but there was one that it knew for sure.
"Havoc," it squeaked out.
"Dang!  I can't believe I missed," hissed Havoc.
"Well, if you would have let Ms. Riza fire we would have it," hissed Sheska back.
Havoc, Fuery, Sheska and Breda were hiding in some bushes nearby when they heard a strange looking "dog" was brought to the shelter.
"Why isn't Councilwoman Riza here anyway," asked Fuery.
"She doesn't know that we're here," said Breda.
"WHAT," cried Sheska who was immediately shushed by the others.  "I have to notify her immediately!"
"Don't!  Not yet!  If anyone's gonna get credit for this it's me," said Havoc.
"I figured you wouldn't want any more publicity considering certain events," said a stern voice behind the group.
They turned to see Riza standing with her arms crossed.
"Ms. Riza," cried Sheska as she stood up. "I am so sorry for not reporting to you!  I was dragged out here against my will!"
"Enough.  I'll only overlook this if from here on out, I take all the shots. Is that clear, Havoc?"
Meanwhile, the creature managed to sneak back into the shelter, thinking the cage sounded better than getting shot. Back at the front, the clerk motioned for Elicia to walk around the kennel till she found one.  As Elicia left, someone else walked in. A young man with a blond braid and black clothes and boots.  Winry recognized him immediately.
"Hey Ed!"
"Hey Winry!  What are you doing here?"
"Getting a dog for Elicia."
"Still having problems making friends," he asked with concern.
"Yeah, I'm hoping a dog would help. So why are you here?"
"Oh, I saved a dog from almost getting run over last night and I heard he was brought here."
"Oh yes, thank you young man. I hadn't seen it since it was dropped off though. I'm sure he's ok now."
Meanwhile, Elicia continued to walk around looking at the other dogs trying to find the right one. She finally came to the creature and she was mesmerized by it. It was so strange and weird looking; she loved it.
"Hi," she said with a smile.
The creature looked at her; for some reason it smiled back and squeaked out a "hi" as well.
"Do you want to come home with me?"
It thought about it for a minute.  If it pretended to be a pet; it could be safe from the military long enough to run away later, so it nodded its head and followed Elicia back to the front.
"Oh yes, all of our dogs are adoptable," said the clerk to Winry and Ed.  Then, they noticed the creature next to Elicia.  "Except that one!"
Winry quickly grabbed Elicia and Ed stood protectively in front of them while the clerk grabbed the creature.
"What is that thing," exclaimed Winry.
"A dog, I think," said the clerk.
"Wait, was that what I saved last night," cried Ed.
"You saved that," cried Winry.
"It was dark!  I didn’t get a good look at it," said Ed.
"I like him," said Elicia enthusiastically.  "Come here boy!"
The creature started to walk toward Elicia while still in the clerk’s arms.  Winry quickly dodged the creature as Ed did his best to hold it back.
“Wouldn’t you rather have a different dog,” asked Ed.
“There’s better dogs back in the kennel,” said the clerk.
“Not better than him!  He can talk!  Say hello!”
“Dogs can’t talk,” said the clerk.
“But he did.”
“Does it have to be this one,” said Winry.
The creature sniffed and then picked his nose and ate whatever it pulled out.  This disgusted everyone else but not Elicia.
“Yes, he’s good.  I can tell.”
After everyone got up, the creature scampered his way to a window to see if he could spot Havoc.  Ed and Winry were talking to the clerk while Elicia went to see what the creature was trying to look at.
“So what’s gonna be his name,” asked Ed.
“Cross,” said Elicia with determination.
“But that’s not a real name,” the clerk began.  But Ed and Winry shook their heads to get the clerk to not finish that sentence.  “In, Central; but here it’s a good name.  Cross it is.  There’s a two dollar license fee as well.”
“I got this Winry,” said Ed as he pulled two dollars out.
“Oh, Ed you don’t you have to.”
“It’s fine,” he said with a kind smile that made Winry blush.
“Hey!  I wanna buy him,” yelled Elicia while pulling Ed’s pants leg.  “Hey, Ed?”
“Can I borrow two dollars?”
Ed then gave Elicia the money who then turned and gave it back to him to pay the clerk.
“He’s all yours,” said the clerk as she stamped the certificate.
Back outside, Fuery was using thermal binoculars.
“He’s inside; there’s about…three adults and one child.  I think the best thing to do is to lure it out and separate it from them.”
“How are we gonna do that,” asked Sheska.
“Shhhh!  Will you be quiet!  He’s listening for us,” said Havoc in a hushed tone.
A few moments passed by till Sheska spoke up again.
“How good is its hearing?”
She was promptly shushed by Fuery placing his hand over her mouth.  Soon, they noticed the creature walk out.  This was Riza’s chance to strike; she lined up her shot.
“Why won’t he run,” Havoc wondered.
Suddenly, the creature made a barking noise.  Elicia bounded toward it; Sheska’s eyes went wide and leapt toward Riza.
Sheska had knocked Riza’s rifle up toward the sky.
“Will you be quiet,” hissed Breda.
“I think I know not to shoot a civilian,” said Riza giving her a stern look.
“I’m sorry I panicked,” said Sheska as she hung her head in shame.
Meanwhile, Ed, Winry and the clerk went to see what all the noise was about.  When they saw nothing, the clerk scolded it.
“Bad dog, barking at nothing.”
“Well, I guess we better get going,” said Winry.
“I’ll see you later then,” said Ed.
They went their separate ways while Riza and the others planned their next move.
“It will be harder to capture it now,” said Riza.
“I say we split up.  One group does surveillance while the rest of us figure out a way to prevent it from escaping,” said Breda.
“Why do we need to keep it from escaping,” asked Sheska.
“He means keep it from leaving this town,” said Fuery.
“He’s right.  If it somehow manages to leave Risembol, who knows where it will go.  Sheska, you are with me.  The rest of you, find a way to capture that thing,” ordered Riza.
“But, we’re in uniform!  People are gonna know who we are,” said Sheska.
“That’s why we wear regular clothes,” said Riza exasperated.
Meanwhile, even further away; the same man with the scar on his face and another were listening in.
“What do you think we should do now,” said a gray haired man.
“Let them do all the dirty work.  And when the time is right, we grab it and make for Xing.”
“With Riza though, that might be hard to do.”
“Let’s hope some kind of distraction will come along,” said the scared faced man.
Elicia and Cross-Chapter 3
UGH!!!  I hate these blocks to my creativity!  So sorry for the delay on this one.


Full Metal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakawa
Lilo & Stitch (c) Disney
Raging Storm

Shining Armor and his generals wasted no time in getting everyone into position.  With the Pegasus group in place in Cloudsdale, Aisha could communicate with the other fairies down below in the fields to coordinate the air assault.  Musa and Tecna were with Twilight, Rarity and Night Burst along with the rest of the unicorns at Neihagra Falls ready to fire at any vile creature that the Earth and Pegasus would miss.  Shining Armor then got the rest of the Earth ponies lined up with General Juggernaut at his side.  Shining Armor and the princesses worked out an arrangement if things were going bad, they would intervene.  Stella and Bloom were flying to try and sense when the enemy would make its presence known.
“Do you feel anything,” asked Bloom.
“No, my staff hasn’t reacted to anything.”
“This was always the worst part.”
“I know!  I hate the waiting!  I wish they would just hurry up and get here!”
At that moment, the sky grew dark and storm clouds rolled in.
“Nice going Stella,” said Bloom snidely.
The others saw the change in the sky and braced themselves for what was about to happen.
“Steady!  Steady,” cried Aisha as she tried to calm the Pegasus.
At the Falls, Rarity looked over at Night Burst.
“Are you alright?”
“Yes, I’m just worried.”
“About what?”
“I already know how bad things are going to get.  I just hope that things will change now that I’ve warned everyone about it.”
“Don’t worry, we’ll get through this,” said Twilight.
“How can you be sure,” asked Night Burst.
“I’m not to be honest.  But I believe in my friends, the other ponies and you and your fairy friends.  We can do this!”
“Twilight’s right!  Let’s show those witches and that Chrysalis what for,” cried Musa.
The other unicorns cheered.  Down below, the field soon became overrun with creatures from the Army of Decay, Changelings and some mixture of the two.
“Come on Stella, time to activate the spell,” said Bloom.
“Eyes be open to all that is cloaked.  Deceitful magic shall not be evoked!”
Bloom and Stella designed a spell to make it easy for everyone to see who was a Changeling.  They soon landed next to Shining Armor along with General Juggernaut, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Roxy.
“Spell has been cast,” said Bloom.
“Thank you ladies.  How does it look?”
“They look nasty that’s for sure,” said Stella.
“Ah think he was referin’ to how big the army that’s headin’ our way is,” said Applejack.
“They seemed to be quite large in numbers,” said Bloom.
“Number do not win a battle,” said General Juggernaut.
“No, but I bet they help,” said Shining Armor.
Soon, an evil cackling could be heard and then they appeared.  First Darcy, then Stormy and then Icy and Chrysalis.  They stood atop their transport, looking down at the sight before them.
“So, this is Equestria,” asked Icy.
“Ew, it’s so pretty,” said Stormy in disgust.
“And overflowing with niceness,” said Darcy in the same tone.
“We’ll make sure to change things up around here,” said Icy evilly.
“As long as I have a chance at the ones who banished me in the first place, I will be satisfied,” said Chrysalis.
“Once we take out those Princesses, it will be easy for them to fall,” said Darcy.
“Don’t forget those stupid pixies, too,” cried Stormy.
“Yes of course.  We can’t forget about them can we,” said Icy.  “Send in the troops!”
The monsters on the ground picked up speed and was approaching the Earth ponies fast.  Shining Armor signaled Roxy and she then contacted Aisha to send in their first wave.
“First wave on deck!”  The first group of Pegasus got ready with their clouds of lightning.  “NOW!”
A swarm of Pegasus ponies descended from Cloudsdale; lightning strikes from their clouds aimed at the monsters.  Many monsters were fried; but their numbers didn’t seem to dwindle.  Shining then asked Stella to signal the unicorn group; Musa received the message.
“OK guys!  It’s our turn now!  Fire at will!”
The unicorns unleashed their magic which seemed to help.  Icy began to give orders.
“Stormy!  See if you can take out the flying ponies!  Darcy!  Get rid of the unicorns!  Chrysalis, you’re with me on the ground.”
Back in Cloudsdale, the second wave was getting ready as the first wave returned to refresh their clouds.
“Wave two on deck!”
But before wave two could get set up; a freak tornado appeared.
“What the?!  Who ordered a tornado,” cried Rainbow Dash.
“That’s no ordinary tornado,” said Aisha.
Stormy cackled as her tornado caused the ponies to scatter.
“Everypony stay calm!  And get back into formation,” cried General Tornado.  He then turned his attention to Stormy.  “So you can create tornadoes, huh?  Well, two can play that game!”
The General began to fly in a circular motion creating his own tornado; it barely swallowed Stormy’s.
“Wow, I’ve never seen anyone take out one of Stormy’s tornadoes with their own,” said Aisha.
“He’s the best at creating tornadoes!  He’s a legend in the weather group,” said a random Pegasus.
“Well, we need someone to take her out!  We can’t send another wave if she keeps attacking,” cried Rainbow Dash.
“I’ll handle Stormy!  You get the others back on track,” said Aisha.
“No way!  I’m gonna help you take her out!”
“She’s too strong for you; if you had magic I’d consider it but the others need your help!  Please Rainbow Dash!”
“She’s right!  I need your help Rainbow Dash,” cried General Tornado.
“Ok, but I’m steppin’ in the minuet things get bad!”
“Very well,” said Aisha as she flew towards Stormy.  “Hey!  Frizz Head!  Watch where you’re aiming that thing!”
“How DARE YOU!  You will pay for that comment about my hair!”
Stormy unleashed her lightning attacks and Aisha did her best to dodge them.  Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and General Tornado managed to get the second wave group together.
“OK second wave!  Get in there and fry those monsters,” yelled Rainbow Dash.  Another wave of Pegasus armed with lightning clouds descended upon the monsters below.  Rainbow Dash looked to see how Aisha was doing; it was looking bad.  Aisha was cornered by Stormy.
“Since you’re a water type; what do you think will happen if I hit you with a full blast of lightning,” she smiled sadistically.
But before she could fire, something fast and colorful knocked her down.
“Don’t mess with my friends,” said Rainbow Dash.
“What are you doing,” cried Aisha.
“I told you that I would step in if things got bad.”
“Thanks; I really appreciate it.  Come on, let’s take this witch down!”
“Let’s go!”
The Chrysalix-Chapter 7
FINALLY!!!!  OMG this has been on the back burner for far too long.  So sorry you guys!

Ch. 1 -…

Ch.2 -…

Ch. 3 -…

Ch. 4 -…

Ch. 5 -…

Ch. 6 -…

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasboro
Winx Club (c) Rainbow, Inc
Ever since Winry was a kid, she had at least one constant companion. A black and white dog named Den. She had many days of fun playing fetch, swimming at the lake and running through the hills of Resembol. He would comfort her when she felt lonely and scared. So when he had an accident that cost him his leg, she crafted an automail leg for him so he wouldn't have any problems running around.  Den helped her stay grounded while Ed and Al were away getting their bodies back together.  And he was there when they finally came home.  Life seemed to be going great; Ed finally got the courage to ask Winry to marry him and naturally, Den was part of the ceremony. Even after Winry and Ed got their own house, Pinako let Winry take Den.
"But, then who will keep you company," Winry asked worryingly.
"It's alright. I'm letting Al stay with me till he gets on his feet. I also have a feeling he'll bring in all sorts of critters and I don't want to put Den through all that. Plus, he's your dog Winry. He loves you."
Winry looked over at Ed wanting to make sure he'd be ok with it.
"I think it will be alright. Besides, he already hopped into the car anyway," said Ed as he gestured toward their jeep. Den let out a bark from the back.  The trio headed for their new home after stoping at the pet store to get Den a new bed and other supplies. Ed placed Den's new bed in a corner of the hallway close to their bedroom.
"You help me protect Winry, right boy," asked Ed as he gave Den a pat on the head.  Den responded with a bark and licked Ed's face; much to his disgust.  Den enjoyed a great life; played fetch with Winry, hunting with Ed, and would lay quietly on his bed at night. It was a few months later that Ed noticed Den was walking slower than normal.
"Hey Winry?  Is Den ok?  When was the last trip to the vet?"
"I took him last month.  Why?"
"Doesn't he seem a bit sluggish to you?"
"He might be just tired. You did run him hard today."
Ed then shrugged it off and felt that must have been it.  Later that night, Den started to whimper. Ed got up to check on him.
"Hey boy, what is it?"
Den just looked at him and then laid back down and started to whimper again. Ed was getting concerned; he gently felt around Den and something didn't feel right around the stomach.
"Winry!  Get dressed!  I think something's wrong with Den!"
Moments later, Ed and Winry had taken Den to the Emergency Animal Hospital to find out what was wrong.  A few minutes later, the vet came out to see them; both visibly worried.
"How is he," Winry asked.
"Not good," said the vet. "His stomach has been twisted. It's common among his breed and very fatal. Our only options now is to either operate and twist his stomach back, which can be very expensive. And even then there's still a chance of it happening again."
"And the other option," asked Ed.
The vet paused a moment before delivering the one option no pet owner likes to hear.
"We put him down."
This hit them like a ton of bricks. Winry sank down into a chair while Ed kneeled in front of her.
"I'll give you sometime to think about it but we need answer right away," said the vet and then walked away.
Ed only just looked at his wife who was on the verge of tears. She knew that Den would pass away eventually; he was on old dog after all but not this quick.  She wasn't ready for it.  Ed placed his hands over hers to let her know he was right there with her.
"Ed, I don't know what to do," she cried desperately.
"We need to do what's best for Den," Ed said.  "Now, I would say that we put him down. He's an old dog who is suffering.  I know the surgery will help but financially we can't afford to do so and run the risk of it happening again.  But, he's your dog so you make the call."
Tears started to flow from Winry. She knew he was right; surgery was something they couldn't afford to do and he would keep suffering if they didn't fix it. Winry nodded and Ed went to tell the vet to put Den to sleep.  The vet then invited both of them to the back to say good bye to Den.  He was on top of a table on his side, still whimpering. When they approached Den, he wagged his tail and then Winry lost it.  She knelt down towards Den's face and began to pet him.
"It's ok boy," she choked out. "I know you must be hurting. You were the best dog ever.  I'm gonna miss you so much."
Ed put his hand on his wife's shoulder.  He tried his best to keep his tears in but a few managed to escape.  The vet came by and told them it was time. Ed thought his wife didn't want to see him slip away but she told him she had to see it through.  She continued to pet Den as the vet injected the medicine. His breathing slowed down and eventually stopped and his eyes closed. Winry then broke down sobbing in her husbands arms.  Later that day; Ed, Winry, Al and Pinako stood around a simple grave by the oak tree at Pinako's house.
"He was a good dog," Pinako simply stated and then walked back home.
Al just stood there in silence till he turned back to the house. Ed and Winry stayed behind a little longer.  Winry was still a bit emotional; she tried to say something but more tears came out.  Ed squeezed her tight and simply said, "goodbye, old friend."
Goodbye Old Friend
I know I'm a terrible person.  I wanted to give Winry and Ed a "Marley and Me" moment with Den. I've had at least two dogs in my life that had to be put down and it is hard to say goodbye to a pet.

Hope you enjoy the feels!

Fullmetal Alchemist (c) 

Hiromu Arakawa

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What's up everybody, been a while since I've talked to ya'll. Life's just been very crazy what with work and taking care of my husband; the creative process has been all over the place. My ADD has my mind going in every direction and not being able to follow through with it. You all know what that's like right?

Well, to help with that I am going to spend a good amount of time writing. Getting caught up with unfinished stories and work on new ones.  Once that gets done I've got some photos to take and share.

I will do my best to keep you updated and see you on the other side.


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