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Today I have been around for three decades 😱
Luna Mothews by DJMirnum
Luna Mothews
New ghoul alert!  From the latest line Boo York, Boo York the Musical, Luna Mothews!

I love her design and I hope to get other new characters from the line

Monster High (c) Mattel
It had been a grueling month for the mages of Fairy Tail. Most of the jobs everyone went on were considered very tough and some were emotionally taxing. Mira took note of the heavy atmosphere that the guild hall seemed to have taken on and decided to do something about it.  She figured a night of laughing and entertaining was just what everyone needed so she poured through the ads to see who out there was the best.  She checked lacrimas of a few performers but decided that the comedians she found just weren't that funny. Magic shows seemed kind of silly since most everyone at the guild could do better tricks.  She then came across one performer that was definitely interesting. She was a fair skinned, long brown haired woman with hazel eyes. She wore a dark purple dress and matching top hat with peacock feathers adorning it. Her lacrima showed her putting people in trances and making them do all sorts of funny things. Even saying things they normally would never have said. Mira saw the woman make a man cluck like a chicken, a woman forget her own name, another woman was unable to include the number seven when she counted to ten.  She made a big burly man act like a baby and his buddy act like his mother.  Mira was laughing so hard that she knew that this person was just what the guild needed. A few days later, everyone at the guild was a buzz about the special performance they were seeing.
"This is so exiting!  I wonder who it is," cried an ecstatic Lucy.
"Yeah, I bet this will be fun!  The guild's been kind of down lately so I'm glad Mira decided to do this," said an equally excited Levy.
"She should have just asked me to sing," said Gajeel.
"No one wants to hear you sing Metal head," cried Natsu.
"You wanna go Salamander?!"
"Bring it, nail eater!"
"BOYS," yelled an annoyed Erza.  "This is supposed to be a night of fun and if you don't stop fighting, I will make sure you don't ever see the light of day."
The deadly aura coming from the scarlet-haired Mage was enough to force the two dragon slayers to hug each other with scared expressions.  A few tables over, Gray was trying his best to put up with Juvia's advances.
"Oh Gray, I wonder who Mira got for tonight's entertainment?"
"Who knows but they better be good."
"Not as good as you though," Juvia said with hearts in her eyes. Gray only just rolled his.
Soon, the lights went down and Mira stepped forward onto the stage.
"Good evening everyone!  Are ready for tonight's performance?!"  Everyone in the guild began to cheer and clap.  "I searched all over to find the right person for tonight and I really think you will love her.  Let's give a big Fairy Tail welcome to, Madame Hina Turo!"
Mira clapped with everyone else as she stepped aside while Madame Hina stepped forward from backstage.
"Gooooooood Evening Fairy Tail!  My goodness, what an amazing bunch of mages you all are!" Everyone in the guild cheered on that one.  "Well, as the lovely Mira said I am Madame Hina and tonight, some of you folks are going to be; hypnotized.  Now, I want to assure everyone here that I am just an entertainer and I would never make suggestions that could harm others.  We are here to have fun.  Who would like to volunteer first; I need four people.  Let's see."  Madame Hina searched the guild and saw Laxus and his Thunder Legion toward the back.  "How about you sir with the headphones and your three friends?!"  They whipped their heads up and eyes were wide. Soon a spotlight shone on them. "Come on, folks let's give them some encouragement!"  Amongst the cheering, Laxus and his bodyguards walked up to the stage and took their place on some chairs that appeared out of nowhere. Laxus sat on the far left with Freed, Evergreen and then Bickslow accordingly.  "Excellent. Please tell me your names."  Freed took this chance to be Laxus' herald, it was awkwardly received. "Thank you for that," Madame Hina deadpanned.  "And your name is?"
"I am Freed."
"The name's Bickslow!"
"Fantastic. Um, Mr. Bickslow, I'm gonna have to ask you to remove your helmet."
"But I," he whined.
"Please, for just a moment," Madame Hina said sweetly. He complied and set his helmet down. "Thank you. Now, I need the four of you to find a spot and focus on that," she said as she moved behind the four of them.  She signaled for her music to start; a soothing melody began to play. "Focus on that one spot only. Do not take your eyes from it," she said in a steady voice.  "Listen only to the sound of my voice. Tune out all but my voice. You begin to feel a warm liquid on your feet. You are now feeling relaxed.  Tensions in your body are slowly fading away. That warm liquid at your feet has risen to your knees causing you to feel more relaxed. Relax, relax. Now that liquid has risen to your chest and you feel more relaxed. Relax, relax. Now the warm liquid is covering your arms and shoulders and is at your neck. You feel more relaxed, feel free to slouch a bit."  Both Freed and Evergreen's rigid posture eased a bit. Bickslow slouched even more than he was already. Laxus even slouched.  "Now the warm liquid is covering your head, the feeling of being submerged is all around you and you feel the most relaxed you ever felt.  Now, your eyelids begin to feel heavy, you are having a hard time keeping them open."  The four of them begin the flutter their eyelids, as if they're fighting to stay awake. "You begin to have a hard time keeping your head up."  Then in addition to their fluttering eyes, their heads begin to bob up and down, like they were nodding off.  Some people in the audience were snickering.  "When I say 'Sleep', you will fall asleep."  She looked at each of them and said 'sleep', they fell asleep instantly. Bickslow's tongue even began to hang out which made people in the guild laugh.  "Now, ladies and gentlemen, time for the fun.  My dear friends, I want you to listen to the sound of my voice, my voice is the only thing you hear.  Raise your right hand if you understand."  They did and the crowd was amazed that they followed her suggestion.  "Excellent, you can put your hands down.  You four will now begin to experience cold, with each passing second the temperature is dropping; colder, colder, and colder.  Do everything you can to warm yourselves."
Laxus started to shiver, Freed's teeth chattered, Evergreen hugged herself tight while Bicklsow began to rub his arms.  The audience began to giggle.
"What's the big deal," scoffed Gray.  "Guess everyone can't handle the cold."
"Now, the temperature is rising. Getting hotter and hotter," cried Madame Hina.
Bickslow began to wipe his brow of nonexistent sweat. Ever fanned herself. Freed loosened his jacket and Laxus began take his shirt off, much to the delight of some of the ladies of the guild, including Mira.  But Madame Hina quickly made them fall asleep for the next batch of suggestions.  First up, Laxus.
"You sir, will periodically feel the sensation of someone pinching your butt. You will try desperately to figure who is doing it without using your magic and leaving your seat."  She then moved onto Freed.  "You will not be able to remember the number 5. It is erased from your memory, to you it doesn't exist."  Next, she stood behind Ever. "You my dear will not be able to remember your own name. No matter how hard you try, you cannot remember your name."  And finally to Bickslow. "You sir, will act like a stuck-up snob. The most snooty, hoity-toity man alive.  When I clap my hands you all be awake and refreshed."
She clapped her hands and the four of them wake up. Laxus, Freed and Ever seemed normal but a snobbish expression could be seen on Bickslow's face.  Madame Hina addressed Freed.
"Hello Freed, how are you tonight?"
"I am well thank you."
"How good at math are you?"
"I'm very proficient."
"Great, then could you please count to ten?"  But before Freed could, Laxus jerked in his seat causing the audience to laugh.  "Laxus?  Are you alright," asked Madame Hina.
"I think someone pinched my butt," he cried incredulously.  Then, he jerked again.  "It happened again!"
"I'd sure like to be the one doing it," lamented Mirajane.
"What was that sis," asked Lisanna.
Madame Hina addressed Freed once more.
"Freed, please count to ten for me."
"1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10."
"Are you sure that's right?"
"I'm pretty sure."
"Do it one more time?"
"1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10."
The crowd was laughing till Laxus jerked in his seat again and that caused them to laugh more.
"Laxus, you sure you're alright," Madame Hina asked.
"I swear when I find out who's pinching me I will fry them!"
"Don't worry, we'll figure it out.  You miss, what's your name?"  Ever didn't answer.  "Um, miss what is your name?"
"I don't have a name," she replied.
"Really? You sure?  Freed, what's her name?"
"Evergreen," he replied.
"Ok then, miss; your name."
"I don't have a name," she replied.
Laxus again jerked, causing the audience to laugh.  Madame Hina then went over to Bicklsow.
"You sir, how are you?"
"Must we continue this charade I'm late for a polo match," he replied in a snobbish tone.
"I only asked how you were doing?"
"I am under no obligation to answer your question, peasant. Now fetch me some tea with three cubes of sugar and the blend must be Earl Grey."
"Yeah, one second. Freed; can you tell me what two plus three is?"  She got no response. "How about four plus one?"  No response again. "Seven minus two?"  No response.  "Miss, your name?"  Ever looked away with an annoyed look.  "Laxus, how you doing?"  Laxus jerked in his seat.  "Bickslow."
"You had best have my tea ready!"
The audience was in hysterics and Madame Hina was having fun but it was time to move on.
"Alright, I need you four to look at me and sleep!"  The four of them immediately fell asleep.  "When I count to five, you will awake and everything will be back to normal.  You will no longer feel the pinching sensation in your butt. You will remember the number five. You will remember your name and you will be back to your original personality.  When I get to five you will awake feeling refreshed like you just had the best sleep of your life and you will be back to your normal selves and won't respond to any of my suggestions.  One, two, three, four, five; rise and shine my dears!"  The four of them woke up. "Laxus, how are you?  Feeling any pinching?"  Laxus shook his head no.  "Freed, how many fingers I'm holding up?"
"Five," he replied.
"Miss, please remind me of your name?"
"It's Evergreen."
"Bickslow!  How you doing?"
"I'm great!  Best nap I ever had!"
"Thank you for participating, you can return to your seats. Give them a round of applause ladies and gentlemen!  Now, some new faces; let's see."  She scanned the crowd as her fist batch of volunteers went back to their seats.  "You sir with the white hair next to Evergreen!  And, you young lady with the blue hair next to the half naked man and you miss with the large barrel.  Come on don't be shy!"
Hypnotized by You Part 1
Helloooo FT fans!  Hope you enjoy this little fic that includes the top three ships; NaLu, Gruvia and Gale!  It's towards the end but, the ride will be so much fun!  Also, I'm introducing an OC to help set things in motion ;). Now, I've always been fascinated with hypnosis and watching others get hypnotized as well so I thought this would be a great plot point. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Madame Hina Turo (c) me
It's early evening in Magnolia; a carnival is well under way with food stalls, games and rides as well as vendors to sell their wares.  You pass by one such vendor; various rugs line the floor with a simple table inside a tent.  A crystal ball and candles off to the side of the table and only two chairs. You peer into the tent to see if anyone is around. Then, a dark brown haired woman saunters in from the shadows.  She wears a simple turquoise bikini top with khaki cargo pants and brown sandals. Various beaded necklaces and bracelets make up her accessories.  She smirks at your surprised face.
"Welcome, my dear friend. First time here?  Care to see what future the cards will tell?"
The woman pulls out a deck of cards from nowhere and proceeds to shuffle them as she makes her way to her table.  "Please, take a seat. It will only be a few minuets."  You ask her for her name.  "My name?  Why, I am Cana Alberona.  As for your name, no need; I already know."  You appear skeptic. "I sense your hesitation. Perhaps a demonstration is in order. Sit down please and watch."  You both take a seat as Cana shuffles the cards.  "See that young blonde over there?  That's my friend Lucy, and according to the first card; oooooh, the wheel of fortune card.  Looks like she's about to get lucky."  What happened next was Lucy winning a game.  Then, a pink haired guy walked up to her.  "Oh, let's try Natsu."  Cana shuffles the cards again and pulled a new card.  "Well, it seems to be the tower card."  You look to see Lucy hug Natsu tightly.  The surprise and blush on his face evident.  "Let's pull another card for Natsu," said Cana pulling another card. "Ah, the lovers card. Guess dragon boy might be becoming lover boy soon.  So, are you convinced yet?  Would you like to know your future?"  Cana shuffles the deck again and picks three cards.  "These cards will tell of your future. What you do with this information is up to you.  Once I flip them, there's no going back."
Cana takes your three cards and flips them to reveal...
In the Cards
Solo event for :iconfairy-tail-fc: Fairy Fest. This week it's Tarot theme.

I am part of team Shadow Dragon
  • Mood: Angsty
Is there such a thing as "creative ADD"?  There should be, cause I feel like I've been suffering from it for a long time.  What is creative ADD?  It's a condition where you begin a project or develop the desire for a project but at some point other projects pop into your head that you feel you have to finish them at the expense of other projects.

For example, I have stories that I have written; some require multiple parts in order to tell the story I want to tell. But after a certain point, I can't write said particular story but other stories have popped into my head but they don't require as many parts to write so I am able to finish those faster.

Now you may say to yourself, isn't that like writers block and procrastination?  Yes and no. Yes, you have writers block but you can still write. It just ends up being a different story that's shorter than the main one you started on. Yes, you are putting off writing the main one but you still find time to write the other stories that come to mind.

That doesn't mean you will stop; you eventually can finish.  It just takes a little longer than you would like to.

It's definitely frustrating for me because I want to finish my main story or stories but, I feel that if I don't follow through with the other idea(s) I'll forget it and not do it at all.  I'm not sure what causes it really. But I guess lack of motivation has a lot to do with it.

Now before someone starts to offer some form of constructive criticism, I would advise against that because I'm not looking for it nor do I wish to receive it at this point. I merely just wanted to lament and vent and get it off my chest. I'm not looking for a solution because I already know what that is.  I have to force myself to finish what I've started so I can feel like I have accomplished something and be able to move onto the next one.

Ok, I think I'm done here. Later days.


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If there is one thing you need to know about me is that I'm atypical. I'm not like most girls; my hobbies are not considered normal for someone my age. I say, normal is relative. I do what I do cause it's fun, I meet interesting people who share some of the same ideas and interests and who knows, maybe inspire someone else to do things they never thought they could do.

Anyway, enjoy my page and I look forward to seeing your work here on dA.

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