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Chapter 3: Supsicious Minds

The next morning, as Clawdeen, Draculaura, Frankie, Ghoulia and Lagoona were walking down the hall they noticed a crowd that were saying "oooh" and "awe".
"Hey, look," said Frankie.
"Uggghhhhh, ugh."
"No tellin' Ghoulia, but I definitely want to see," said Clawdeen.
"Me too," said Lagoona and Draculaura.
Soon Jackson walked up.
"What's all the commotion?"
"We're not sure," said Lagoona.
When they approached the crowd, they saw Cleo with her arms around Deuce who was not wearing his sunglasses.
"Deuce, where are your shades," said a student.
"I don't need them anymore!  I can look at every one of you and you won't become a statue!"
Everyone clapped and cheered until a teacher came by and broke up the crowd.  She wore a blue and black shirt with a white skirt and black heels.  Her black hair was curled and looked a little messy.  It was Ms Mel Content.
"Alright everyone, break it up and get to class."  The crowd disappeared leaving Cleo, Deuce and the others.  "The same goes for all of you, too."
As she walked away, she planted a small bug; no really, a bug on the wall to listen to their conversation.
"How did you lose your powers man," asked Jackson.
"I didn't lose them; I gave them away."
"You gave them away," said Draculaura.
"How," asked Frankie.
"I met someone named Tarsus yesterday and he gave me this."
He showed everyone the bottle he got.
"Ugh, moan, yargh?"
"Yeah, I'm with Ghoulia on this one.  What makes you so sure you can trust him," asked Lagoona.
"Look what he has done for him," exclaimed Cleo.  "I can finally look in his beautiful eyes and not worry about becoming a lawn ornament."
Then, the alarm on Deuce's iCoffin went off.
"What does that mean," asked Clawdeen.
"I need to put more powder on my eyes."
"Huh," they all said in unison.
"Every four hours I need to sprinkle this powder on my eyes to keep my powers from coming back."
Deuce left to go to the Mansters room, leaving the others looking confused.
"Something about this doesn't feel right," said Draculaura.
"Yeah, my fur is standing on end," said Clawdeen.
"Think what you will, but I think this great for Deuce.  He doesn't have to wear shades indoors anymore and I could stare at those lovely green eyes all day."
Jackson made a gagging noise and Draculaura giggled.  Cleo glared at them.
"Regardless, Deuce could be in trouble," said Frankie.
Meanwhile, Mel and Tarsus were talking in the shadows.
"How's our little boy doing," he asked.
"Like an obedient dog; he just went to "powder" his eyes."
They laughed at the cheesy joke, then Tarsus grew serious.
"We only have so much time.  We must move the plan forward."
"His friends know something is up."
"We don't need to worry about them.  But keep your eyes on them just the same; I want to make sure everything doesn't go wrong."
As the day wore on, it was probably the best day of Deuce's life.  Everyone came up to him and said how cool his eyes were; teachers weren't afraid to look him in the eye when they called him to answer questions.  At lunch, everyone wanted to sit with him and Cleo but he politely told everyone no.
"Sorry everyone, I need some alone time with my girlfriend."
At another table, Draculaura, Jackson and Ghoulia came over to Frankie, Clawdeen and Lagoona with a big book.
"Guys, Ghoulia and I were in the library and we came across something you should see."
Ghoulia opened the book and pointed to Tarsus' name and his picture.
"Ugh, uggghhh, moan, yargh, yargh."
"Translation, Tarsus was a sorcerer trying to restore his sight after an accident when he was young," said Jackson.
"Yeah, only the problem is that his magic won't work for him, so he goes around and steals what he needs," said Draculaura.
"By using contracts he makes his victims sign," said Jackson.
"So if what you say is true, then this Tarsus is stealing Deuce's sight," said Clawdeen.
"We have to get a copy of that contract," said Frankie.
"Yargh, ugh, moan."
"Ghoulia makes a good point; Tarsus has an assistant and she keeps up with all his contracts," said Jackson.
"But who is she," asked Lagoona.
"No one knows, but the book says she dresses like him," said Draculaura.
"Everyone has to keep their eyes open; she could be anyone here," said Jackson.
Overhearing their conversation, Mel got very anxious and got her iCoffin out to call Tarsus.
"We've got a situation; Deuce's little friends are on to us!  What do you want to do?!"
"Relax, just lay low till tomorrow that's when the real fun begins."
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Enjoy and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas

Monster High (c) Mattel
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