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Chapter 6:  Best Laid Plans

Mel was making her way down a cave along the shore.  As she got further into the cave, it grew darker and darker.  She then came to a large open chamber with Tarsus standing in the middle of it.
"You're late Mel."
"Sorry, I had some trouble."
"What kind of trouble?"
"Well, uh…ummmm…."
"Spit it out already!"
"I was forced to bring Deuce and his posse here to Greece," she blurted out and then flinched.
Surprisingly, Tarsus was quiet.  He approached Mel and calmly addressed the issue.
"Do they know where we are?"
"No, they don't.  I managed to transport…GAH ACK!"
Tarsus had grabbed Mel by neck.  He lifted her up in the air, his eyes burning with anger.  After a few more seconds he released her and as she gasped and coughed, he calmly said, "you screw up again and I'll feed you to it.  Get everything ready.  We've underestimated those brats; they'll probably figure out what it is we're up to and try to stop me."  There was a long pause.  Mel was very fearful of Tarsus; he wasn't a push over to be sure.  She quickly got up and ran off in the other direction.  Meanwhile, Draculogan stood at the front door of a very large mansion and knocked.  The others were hiding in the bushes.  It was difficult navigating the streets trying to make sure that no one saw them.  Jackson and Draculogan looked normal enough so they did most of the talking when they asked for directions.  A few moments later, a woman wearing sunglasses and a hood opened the door.
"Ναι?" ("yes" in Greek)
"Are you Melina Gorgon?  Aunt to Deuce Gorgon," asked Draculogan.
"You know my nephew?"
"Yes, we're good friends."
"Well he's not here; he only comes during the summer."
"Actually, he's already here.  And he needs help."
Draculogan motioned for everyone to come out.  Aunt Melina was surprised.
"My goodness!  How did you…?"
"There's no time to explain.  Please, may we come inside?"
"Yes, hurry please."
Jackson helped Cleo carry Deuce inside his aunt's house; there Draculogan told her the story of Deuce meeting Tarsus, losing his eye sight and getting Mel to transport them to Greece.  When he finished, Aunt Melina took a moment to take it in.
"So, what do you propose we do," she asked.
"Isn't there something we can use to defeat him," asked Frankie.
"I have my Staff of Osiris.  Never leave home without it," said Cleo.  She pulled out a golden staff with Egyptian motif all over it and an encircled star on top.
"You carry around that," asked Clawdeen.
"What is it used for," asked Lagoona.
"Well, Father says it's for protection.  I use it to help get things off the top shelf at the Maul."
Everyone just rolled their eyes.
"At any rate, we probably don't have much time now.  Tarsus will want to move as soon as possible," said Aunt Melina.
"But do you know where he could be," asked Draculogan.
"Yes, I have an idea."
"Ugh, uhhhhh."
"Yes, what about Deuce.  He's in no condition to go anywhere," said Cleo.
"Cleo," he said softly.
"I'm going with you, I'll be okay."
"Deuce, you can barely stand," said Cleo.
"I want to fight; he deserves pay back."
"Then, let's be off.  We will discuss the plan on the way," said Aunt Melina.
Part 6; enjoy!

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Monster High (c) Mattle
Draculogan (c) MHScreamQueen
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